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Carola Happy days Mariann MK 1614MCCarolaHappy days1985SwedenMariann MK 1614   ex+/ex+EUR 12
USD 15
Diff. Artists Lennon & McCartney Songbook MCA Records, VSOP LP 150LPDiff. ArtistsLennon & McCartney Songbook1990UKMCA Records, VSOP LP 150  Original 2 lp, gatefold nm/nmEUR 17
USD 20

DKK 120
Lene Siel Før mig til havet CMC 24194-2CDLene SielFør mig til havet1995EECCMC 24194-2   ex/ex+EUR 9
USD 11

DKK 65
Marianne Faithfull Blazing Away Island 210 604LPMarianne FaithfullBlazing Away1990GerIsland 210 604  Original  nm/nmEUR 7

DKK 50
Marianne Faithfull Broken English Island. ILPS 9570LPMarianne FaithfullBroken English1979UKIsland. ILPS 9570   vg++/vg+EUR 10
USD 12

DKK 70
Marianne Faithfull Broken English ILPS 9570LPMarianne FaithfullBroken English1979UKILPS 9570  Original  ex-/exEUR 8
USD 10

DKK 60
Marianne Faithfull Loveinamist by Marianne Faithfull Decca SKL. 4854LPMarianne FaithfullLoveinamist by Marianne Faithfull1967UKDecca SKL. 4854  Original  vg/vg+EUR 55
USD 66

DKK 400
Marianne Faithfull Marianne Faithfull Decca LK. 4689 MONOLPMarianne FaithfullMarianne Faithfull1965UKDecca LK. 4689 MONO  Original  vg+/vgEUR 56
USD 67

DKK 405
Søren Severin Man kunne være heldig Torp Records TRCD 1202CDSøren SeverinMan kunne være heldig2012DanmarkTorp Records TRCD 1202   seal/sealEUR 13
USD 16

DKK 95

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