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Bill Graham presents Grateful Dead, Sweathog a.m. Concertposter Fillmore West and Winterland 1970 Bill Graham no. 281posterBill Graham presents Grateful Dead, Sweathog a.m.Concertposter Fillmore West and Winterland 19701970USBill Graham no. 281  Original Original poster m/mEUR 103
USD 124

DKK 750
Bo Diddley, Big Brother (m.Janis Joplin) / Quicksilver Messenger Bill Graham presents at The Fillmore West MacLeanposterBo Diddley, Big Brother (m.Janis Joplin) / Quicksilver MessengerBill Graham presents at The Fillmore West1967USMacLean  Original Concert poster m/mEUR 103
USD 124

DKK 750
Roy Harper Flashes from the Archives of oblivion Harvest SHSP 4051LPRoy HarperFlashes from the Archives of oblivion1974UKHarvest SHSP 4051   vg/exEUR 11
USD 13

DKK 80
Ten Years After, Spirit and more Fillmore West poster. Bill Graham no. 163 Fillmore West PosterposterTen Years After, Spirit and moreFillmore West poster. Bill Graham no. 1631969USFillmore West Poster  From the Bill Graham Archives, m/mEUR 103
USD 124

DKK 750

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