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Dansk AUCTION: Item 179 
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Winner selects 1 single from the list

Rock, pop etc.
Music Collection
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Seller: MusikBlommar (8) , Danmark
Member since: 04-11-2004 23:13:54
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Details: Winner selects 1 single from the list Rock, pop etc.
Winner of the auction selects 1 single from the list:
Release year and country only mentioned if mentioned on cover or label.
Grading cover/record.

Abba, The Name of The Game / I Wonder (Departure), swe 1977, Polar POS 1234, ps, Ex/Ex

Apollo 100, Joy / Tamara, ger 1972, Polydor 2001.302, noc, art sleeve, m-/m-

Barry Ryan, The Hunt / No Living Without Her Love, Polydor 59 327, ps, ex/ex

Beethovens, Long Live Beethoven / I've got My m-jo workin', dk 1965, Columbia DD 767, small name on cover, name on back of cover, no tear, plays fine, has some no dominating surface noise, no distortion, no clicks, noc, picture sleeve, graded vg (vg+)/vg or vg+

Black Gorilla, Gimme Dat Banana / Funky Jungle, swe 1976, Philips 6015 183, noc, banana cover, ex/m-

Bee Gees, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, With A Little Help From ... / Nowhere Man, Sgt. Pepper's .... (reprise), band: Bee Gees, Paul Nicholas, Peter Frampton, 1978, RSO 2814 132, noc, art sleeve, vg+ (ex)/ vg+

Bee Gees, Too Much Heaven / Rest Your Love On Me, 1978 ‘nbc' printed on label, RSO 20 331, noc, spot on label, sticker on back of cover, ps, vg+/ex

Billie Jo Spears, Blanket On The Ground / Come On Home, ger 1975, United Artist UA 35805, ex/m-

Bruce Sprinsteen, Born To Run (m-) / Meeting Across The River (vg(+), cover is m-, nl 1975, CBS 3661, no center, ps, cover/A-side/B-side m-/m-/vg(+)

Cliff Richard, Dreamin' / Dynamite, ger 1980, Electrola 1C006-07 346, shop sticker on back of cover, slight ringwear, noc, ps, cover is vg+, vinyl looks wx plays m-

Cliff Richard, Never Say Die / Lucille, EEC 1983, Emi 1A 006-1077867 noc, ps, ex/ex

Cock Robin, The Promise You Made / Have You Any Sympathy, uk 1985, CBS A 6764, white label, edge warp (do not affect play), flipback sleeve, ps, m-/m-

David Knopfler, Madonna's Daughter / Sideshow, swe 1983, Polar POS 1329, ps, ex/ex (m-)

Drifters, Down On The Beach Tonight / Say Goodbye To Angelina, ger 1974, Bell 2008286, noc, ps, vg+/ex

Drifters, Kissin' In The Back Row Of The Movies / I'm Feeling Sad (and oh so lonely), ger 1973, Bell 2008259, noc, ps, vg+/vg(+)

Duane Eddy, Peter Gunn / Rebel-Rouser, uk 1968, London HL 10191, noc, ps, ex/ex (m-)

Elvis, Viva Las Vegas / What ‘d I Say, ger, RCA Victor 47-8340, silver/black label, noc, ps, not a fine copy: cover is vg+ record plays very good (vg) or better

Eric Carmen, All By Myself / Last Night, Arista 42, ps, ex/ex

Eve Brenner, Le Matin sur la Riviére / Le Matin sur la Riviére (version instrumental) , fra 1976, EMI Pathe Marconi 2c 010 14279, noc, picture sleeve, m-/ex-

Frank J. Wilson Six Boys / Say It Now, dk, Jubilee STU 42220, noc, name on cover, ps, vg+/vg+

Frank Zappa, I Don't Want To Get Drafted / Ancient Armaments, nl 1980, CBS 8625, noc, ps, vg+/m-

Gilbert O'Sullivan, Clair / What Could Be Nicer, Mam 84, vg+/vg+

Giorgio, Son Of My Father / Underdog, dk, Polar POS 1147, noc, ps, vg+/m-

Hank Marvin, Don't Talk / Life Line, ger 1982, Polydor 2059466, noc, ps, vg+/m-

Hollywood Beyond, No More Tears / No Time For Losers, ger 1986, WEA 248 580-7, noc, ps, ex/m-

I Santo California, ‘Ave Maria No! No! / I Tuvoi Occhi Sorridenti, Yep Record 00679, noc, art sleeve, noc, vg+/ex

Isaac Hayes, Theme From "Shaft" / cafe Regios, Stax 2025 069, ger, yellow label with Stax logo, ex/m-

Joan Baez, Will The Circle be Unbroken / Just A Closer Walk With Thee, 1972, Vanguard VA-817, silver label with ‘NBC', noc, swobc, ps, m-/ex

John Rowles, Say Goodbye / M'Lady, dk 1968, Stateside K5513, small writing (date) on back on cover, noc, ps looks ex plays vg or vg+ cover is vg+

Judy Cheeks, Mellow Lovin / Darling, ger, Thats Me, Ariola 11 360 AT, noc, ps, vg+/m-

KC and the Sunshine Band, Shake Your Body / I'M A Pushover, us 1974, JayBoy Boy 110 - no cover, record is m-, disco, funky

Laura Branigan, Spanish Eddie / Tenderness, Atlantic 789 531-7, noc, ps, ger 1985, vg (vg+)/ex

Lee Marvin / Clint Eastwood, Wand'rin Star / I Talk To The Trees, dk 1969, Paramount PARA 3004, black label, no center, art sleeve, ex/ex

Liza Minnelli: Losing My Mind / Tonight Is Forever, nl 1989, Epic 655144 7, noc, ps, ex/m-

Lindsey Buckingham, Trouble / That's How We Do It In L.A., ger 1981, Mercury 6000 743, noc, ps, ex/m-

Little Joe and The Thrillers, Peanuts / No No I Can't Stop, Reprise 20.142 (kind of) creme-couloured label, made in Sweden, noc, small name on cover, art sleeve, vg+/ex (m-)

Love Affair, Everlasting Love / Gone Are The Songs of Yesterday, CBS 3125, orange label,‘heart' cover, vg+/m-

Lynsey De Paul & Mike Moran, Rock Bottom / You shouldn't Say That, ger 1977, Polydor 2058 859, swoc (‘F' written on cover), ps, vg+/vg+

Middle of the Road, Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum / Give It Time, ttoc, noc, RCA 74-16077, ps, vg+/vg+

Nancy Sinatra, Summer wine / Sugar Town, (Nancy Sinatra with Lee Hazelwood on Summer Wine) ger, Reprise RA 0527, noc, ps, ex/ex

O'Gar, A Matter Of Identity, New Rider (vocal version 4:05) / New Rider (instr. Version 4:05). 1984, Victoria A-10353, noc, art sleeve, vg+/vg+ (or ex), clear sound quality
Paul Young, I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down / Broken man (live), toc, noc, ps, vg/m-

Queen, Bicycle Race (Freddie Mercury) / Fat Bottomed Girls (Brian May), ger 1978, EMI Electrola 1c 006-61846, ring wear, noc, art cover, picture on back of sleeve, vg-/vg+

Renée, Good Bye, Jimmy Good Bye / Keine Liebe Ohne Tränen, ger, Metronome M 471, noc, ps, ex/vg+ or better.

Righteous Brothers, Soul & Inspiration A/ B Side Blues, ger, Verve 58 501, blue label, small name on back of cover, noc, ps, vg+ (ex)/ex

Robert Gordon, Fire (Bruce Springsteen) / If This Is Wrong (Link Wray), ger 1978, Private stock records 1C 006-60 673, noc, ps, vg/ex

Roy Orbison, My Friend, 1969, London HL 10 261, ps, vg/vg

Sandra, In The Heat Of The Night / Heatwave (instrumental), ger 1985, Virgin 107 760, noc ssoc, ps, vg(+)/m-

Shadows, Treat Me Nice (Leiber/Stoller) / Spot The Ball (Welch, Bennett, Marvin), 1982 red ‘nbc' label, Polydor 2059 497, noc, ps, ex/m-

Shadows, The theme from Missing / The Shady Lady, uk 1982, Polydor POSP 485, silver label, art sleeve, vg+ / vg+ , vinyl looks m- and has a fine sound but very slight occasional surface noise - no clicks, no distortion

Shocking Blue, Venus / Hot Sand, ger 1969, Metronome 25161, noc, a seam split on bottom of cover, ps, vg(+)/vg+

Sir Henry And His Butlers, Camp / Pretty Style, noc, ps, ex/vg+

Strangeloves, Night Time / Rhythm Of Love, swe, Atlantic ATL 70158, vg(+)/ex

Sue Thompson, James Hold The Ladder Steady / My Hero, dk, Triola TD 155, noc, swoc pot on cover, ps, vg/vg+

Suzi Quatro, Rock Hard / State Of Mind, ger 1980, Dreamland 2090485, noc, ps, vg(+)/m-

Swinging Blue Jeans, Shakin' All Over / Shake, Rattle and Roll, dk ‘first published 1964', is Masters Voice X 8647, blue label, noc, picture sleeve band on stage, small writing on cover, name on label, dirty vinyl looks vg plays vg+ or ex, cover is vg+

Tiny Tim, Hello, Hello / The Other Side, ger, Reprise RA 0769, noc, ps, ex/m-

Grading: E.g. as new, m, m-, ex,ex-, vg+, vg, vg-, good.
See details on the page: Grading (stand)
Grading: all A-sides of the singles have been played, "play-testet".
B-sides only visually graded.

ttoc = tiny tear on cover
toc = tear on cover
noc = no center on vinyl
ps = picture sleeve
ssoc = small spot on cover
swobc = small writing on back of cover
swoc = small writing on cover
ger = Issued in Germany
uk = issued in the United Kingdom
swe = issued in Sweden
nl = the Netherlands





Sales information from seller: Payment by credit card. (PayPal Secure Payment) - Visa, MasterCard, American Express. (no charge)
Bank transfer.
Cash in DKK, SEK, NOK, USD, EUR, GBP. Visa and other credit cards - please use PayPal (free to use).

Shipping & handling: 1 single Denmark DKK 20. Europe EUR 4 £ 2. Rest of the world $ 8

All records "play-tested" and carefully graded unless otherwise stated. However, should you be dissatisfied with the buy, you can return the record (within 14 days) and get your money back, Money back guarantee.

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