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6561: Beatles

ARTIST: Beatles

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Beatles Hottest Hits Parlophone PMCS 306LPBeatlesHottest Hits1965DenmarkParlophone PMCS 306  1st Nice playing lp vg/vgEUR 414
USD 497

DKK 3000
Beatles Abbey Road TOSHIBA/EMI / APPLE -  EALF-97001LPBeatlesAbbey Road1969JapanTOSHIBA/EMI / APPLE - EALF-97001  Audiophile pro use ex+/ex+EUR 140
USD 173
Beatles White album Apple PCS 70672LPBeatlesWhite album1968UKApple PCS 7067  Original Rare UK original vg++/vg++EUR 103
USD 124

DKK 750
Beatles Beatles For Sale (No. 2) Parlophone GEP 89387BeatlesBeatles For Sale (No. 2)1965DenmarkParlophone GEP 8938  black label vg+/ex+EUR 80
USD 99
Beatles Revolver Parlophone pcs 7009, yellow/black labelLPBeatlesRevolver1966UKParlophone pcs 7009, yellow/black label  Original rare ex+/exEUR 65
USD 80
Beatles Sgt. PepperLPBeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1978usCapitol Seax-11840   ex+/mEUR 55
USD 66

DKK 400
Beatles With the Beatles Parlophone pcs 3045, yellow/black labelLPBeatlesWith the Beatles1963UKParlophone pcs 3045, yellow/black label  4rd  ex/exEUR 50
USD 62
Beatles Abbey Road Capitol Seax-11900LPBeatlesAbbey Road1978USCapitol Seax-11900   ex+/mEUR 48
USD 58

DKK 350
Beatles Long Tall Sally Odeon DK 16227BeatlesLong Tall Sally - NorgeOdeon DK 1622   vg+/vg++EUR 48
USD 58

DKK 350
Beatles Back In The USSR/Twist And... Parlophone R60167BeatlesBack In The USSR/Twist And...1980nlParlophone R6016  special cov. b/w. m-/mEUR 40
USD 49
Beatles HELP! ParlophoneLPBeatlesHELP!1965DKParlophone  Original Original inner ex/ex-EUR 41
USD 50

DKK 300
Beatles Let it be (export copy!) Apple pcs 7096LPBeatlesLet it be (export copy!)1970UKApple pcs 7096  Original  ex/exEUR 40
USD 49
Beatles same (Hey jude) Apple cpcs 106 UK export issueLPBeatlessame (Hey jude)1970UKApple cpcs 106 UK export issue  3rd rare ex/exEUR 40
USD 49
Beatles Penny Lane Parlophone R 55707BeatlesPenny Lane1967DKParlophone R 5570  Original  ex/nmEUR 34
USD 41

DKK 250
LPBeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band1967UKParlaphone PCM 7027  Original MONO vg/ex-EUR 34
USD 41

DKK 250
Beatles Let it be Apple pcs 7096LPBeatlesLet it be1970UKApple pcs 7096  2nd  ex/ex+EUR 30
USD 37
Beatles Let It Be Apple R 58837BeatlesLet It Be1970DKApple R 5883  Original  ex/nmEUR 29
USD 35

DKK 210
Beatles Yesterday Odeon DK 16357BeatlesYesterday1965DKOdeon DK 1635  Original  ex/nmEUR 28
USD 33

DKK 200
Beatles Hey Jude Parlophone DP 5707BeatlesHey Jude1968DKParlophone DP 570  Original  ex/nmEUR 26
USD 31

DKK 190
Beatles Abbey Road EMI Apple Records. PCS 7088LPBeatlesAbbey Road - SWEEMI Apple Records. PCS 7088   ex+/ex+EUR 25
USD 31
Beatles Hej Jude! Apple SW 385LPBeatlesHej Jude! - DKApple SW 385   vg/ex-EUR 26
USD 31

DKK 185
Beatles The Beatles 1962 - 1966 Apple SLEMB - 4622LPBeatlesThe Beatles 1962 - 19661973MexicoApple SLEMB - 462   vg-/vg+EUR 24
USD 29

DKK 175
Beatles Get back Lemon RecordsLPBeatlesGet back1969UKLemon Records   vg+/exEUR 20
USD 25
Beatles Rubber soul Odeon SMO 84 066 gold/red/white labelLPBeatlesRubber soul1965GermanOdeon SMO 84 066 gold/red/white label  1st scarce ex-/vgEUR 20
USD 25
Beatles St. Peppers Lonely Heartclub Band Parlophone   1A 062 - 04177LPBeatlesSt. Peppers Lonely Heartclub Band1971GermanyParlophone 1A 062 - 04177  1st  ex+/ex+EUR 20
USD 25
Beatles Ain7BeatlesAin't She Sweet1961GermanyPolydor 52 317   vg+/nmEUR 20
USD 24

DKK 145
Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band EMI Records. 1A 062-04177LPBeatlesSgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band1969 - EMI Records. 1A 062-04177  Gatefold -Sgt. Pepper Cut-Outs ex+/ex+EUR 19
USD 23
Beatles For Sale Parlophone      1A 064200LPBeatlesFor Sale1980EECParlophone 1A 064200  1st  nm/nmEUR 18
USD 22
Beatles Yellow Submarine Parlophone R 54937BeatlesYellow Submarine1966DKParlophone R 5493  Original  ex/nmEUR 19
USD 22

DKK 135
Beatles Help! Parlophone R 53057BeatlesHelp!1965DKParlophone R 5305   ex/nmEUR 17
USD 21

DKK 125
Beatles Love Songs Parlophone. LSPAR 750792LPBeatlesLove Songs - JugoslavienParlophone. LSPAR 75079   vg/vg++EUR 17
USD 21

DKK 125
Beatles The Beatles/1962-1966 Apple. LSAP 70545LP setBeatlesThe Beatles/1962-1966 - YogoslavienApple. LSAP 70545   ex-/ex-EUR 17
USD 21

DKK 125
Beatles LIVE at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany HIS 109822LPBeatlesLIVE at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany1982HolHIS 10982  15 never released tracks m-/m-EUR 17
USD 20

DKK 120
Beatles The Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan Pickwick. CN 2007LPBeatlesThe Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan1962 - Pickwick. CN 2007   ex-/exEUR 17
USD 20

DKK 120
Beatles Abbey Road Apple PCS 7088LPBeatlesAbbey Road1969DKApple PCS 7088   ex-/vg+EUR 14
USD 17

DKK 105
Beatles With the Beatles Parlophone   PCS   3045LPBeatlesWith the Beatles - SwedenParlophone PCS 3045  Reissue ressiue nm/nmEUR 14
USD 17
Beatles A Hard Day7BeatlesA Hard Day's Night1964DKParlophone R 5160   ex-/exEUR 14
USD 17

DKK 100
Beatles Help Apple Records - 1 C 062-04 257LPBeatlesHelp - GermanyApple Records - 1 C 062-04 257   vg++/vg++EUR 14
USD 17

DKK 100
Beatles Hey Jude Parlophone DP 5707BeatlesHey Jude - DKParlophone DP 570   vg+/exEUR 14
USD 17

DKK 100
Beatles Live At The Star Club Hamburg, Germany 1962 Vol. 2 Showcase. SHLP 131LPBeatlesLive At The Star Club Hamburg, Germany 1962 Vol. 21985UKShowcase. SHLP 131   vg++/exEUR 14
USD 17

DKK 100

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Björk Homogenic

EUR  10
Les Brown New Horizons

Les Brown
New Horizons
DKK  85
Elvis Presley Something For Everybody

Elvis Presley
Something For Everybody
DKK  30
Paul Simon Graceland

Paul Simon
EUR  13
ELO The Very Best Of ELO

The Very Best Of ELO
DKK  60
Mark Germino London Moon and Barnyard Remedies

Mark Germino
London Moon and Barnyard Remedies
DKK  50



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